What Are Dental Crowns?

A dental crown is a custom-fitted covering that encapsulates the entire tooth, serving as a protective shield. These crowns are tailored to fortify injured teeth, offering support and restoration. They can be crafted from various materials, including acrylic, porcelain fused with metal, or plain porcelain. Primarily used in cosmetic dentistry, they aid teeth that are poorly shaped, decayed, fractured, or discoloured.

When Might You Need a Crown?

Several dental concerns may prompt the need for a dental crown, including:

  • Extensive decay requiring a large filling
  • Tooth trauma leading to breakage
  • Tooth brittleness post-root canal therapy
  • Fluorosis or aesthetic issues

The Crown Installation Process

The process typically involves two appointments. During the first visit, the existing tooth is prepared to receive the crown, impressions are taken, and a temporary crown is placed. At the subsequent appointment, the temporary crown is replaced by the custom-made dental crown. It’s then adjusted and cemented into place, offering a durable, natural-looking solution.

Types of Crowns and CEREC Technology

Poynton Place Dental & Implant Centreprovides an efficient and advanced CEREC system that offers same-day crowns using Computer-Aided Design-Computer-Aided Manufacture (CAD-CAM) technology. This technology ensures a precise fit, eliminating the need for temporary crowns.

Advantages of CEREC Technology

  • Fast, single-appointment procedure
  • Optimal results with perfect colour match and fit
  • May help avoid additional treatments like root canals
  • Durable porcelain elements designed to last

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